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Hermann Hesse (), a German writer, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in Steppenwolf is the representative works of Hesses mid-term creation. Fast download ebook Steppenwolf for PC - FB Reader. Download free " Steppenwolf" by Hermann Hesse EPUB, MOBI, PDF, TXT, site. Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse; 32 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Fiction, Life, Western Civilization, Accessible book, Protected.

They talk at length; Hermine alternately mocks Harry's self-pity and indulges him in his explanations regarding his view of life, to his astonished relief. Hermine promises a second meeting, and provides Harry with a reason to live or at least a substantial excuse to continue living that he eagerly embraces.

During the next few weeks, Hermine introduces Harry to the indulgences of what he calls the "bourgeois". She teaches Harry to dance, introduces him to casual drug use, finds him a lover Maria , and, more importantly, forces him to accept these as legitimate and worthy aspects of a full life.

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Hermine also introduces Harry to a mysterious saxophonist named Pablo, who appears to be the very opposite of what Harry considers a serious, thoughtful man. After attending a lavish masquerade ball, Pablo brings Harry to his metaphorical "magic theatre," where the concerns and notions that plagued his soul disintegrate as he interacts with the ethereal and phantasmal.

The Magic Theatre is a place where he experiences the fantasies that exist in his mind. The Theater is described as a long horseshoe-shaped corridor with a mirror on one side and a great many doors on the other.

Harry enters five of these labeled doors, each of which symbolizes a fraction of his life. Major characters Harry Haller — the protagonist, a middle-aged man Pablo — a saxophonist Hermine — a young woman Haller meets at a dance Maria — Hermine's friend Character relationship diagram "Treatise on the Steppenwolf" The "Treatise on the Steppenwolf" is a booklet given to Harry Haller and which he finds describes him. It is a literary mirror and, from the outset, describes what Harry had not learned, namely "to find contentment in himself and his own life.

The treatise describes, as earmarks of his life, a threefold manifestation of his discontent: one, isolation from others, two, suicidal tendencies, and three, relation to the bourgeois. Harry isolates himself from others socially and professionally, frequently resists the temptation to take his life, and experiences feelings of benevolence and malevolence for bourgeois notions.

The booklet predicts Harry may come to terms with his state in the dawning light of humor. Critical analysis In the preface to the novel's edition, Hesse wrote that Steppenwolf was "more often and more violently misunderstood" than any of his other books. Hesse felt that his readers focused only on the suffering and despair that are depicted in Harry Haller's life, thereby missing the possibility of transcendence and healing. It is argued that Hesse does not define reality based on what occurs in physical time and space; rather, reality is merely a function of metaphysical cause and effect.

What matters is not whether the murder actually occurred, but rather that at that moment it was Haller's intention to kill Hermine.

In that sense, Haller's various states of mind are more significant than his actions. It is also notable that the very existence of Hermine in the novel is never confirmed; the manuscript left in Harry Haller's room reflects a story that completely revolves around his personal experiences.

In fact when Harry asks Hermine what her name is, she turns the question around. When he is challenged to guess her name, he tells her that she reminds him of a childhood friend named Hermann, and therefore he concludes, her name must be Hermine. Metaphorically, Harry creates Hermine as if a fragment of his own soul has broken off to form a female counterpart. Critical reception Later German Edition From the very beginning, reception was harsh. American novelist Jack Kerouac dismissed it in Big Sur and it has had a long history of mixed critical reception and opinion at large.

Already upset with Hesse's novel Siddhartha , political activists and patriots railed against him, and against the book, seeing an opportunity to discredit Hesse. Even close friends and longtime readers criticized the novel for its perceived lack of morality in its open depiction of sex and drug use, a criticism that indeed remained the primary rebuff of the novel for many years.

Popular interest in the novel was renewed in the s — specifically in the psychedelic movement — primarily because it was seen as a counterculture book, and because of its depiction of free love and explicit drug usage. It was also introduced in many new colleges for study, and interest in the book and in Hermann Hesse was feted in America for more than a decade afterwards.

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References in popular culture Hesse's short story "Harry, the Steppenwolf" forms a companion piece to the novel. It is about a wolf named Harry who is kept in a zoo, and who entertains crowds by destroying images of German cultural icons like Goethe and Mozart. The name Steppenwolf has become notable in popular culture for various organizations and establishments. In , the band Steppenwolf , headed by German-born singer John Kay , took their name from the novel.

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History Created December 9, 13 revisions Download catalog record: Libraries near you: WorldCat Library. Hall in English. Steppenwolf June , Tandem Library in English. Steppenwolf , Bantam Books in English.

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Steppenwolf , Allen Lane in English. Steppenwolf , Penguin, in assocation with Secker and Warburg in English.

Steppenwolf , Penguin Books in English. Steppenwolf , Holt, Rinehart and Winston in English.

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Steppenwolf , Holt, Rhinehart and Winston in English. Steppenwolf Publish date unknown, Henry Holt in English. November 23, Edited by Anand Chitipothu. November 21, Edited by January 26, Edited by BorrowBot.Hermann Hesse died in Steppenwolf Hermann Hesse. This treatise, cited in full in the novel's text as Harry reads it, addresses Harry by name and strikes him as describing himself uncannily.

As a Western man profoundly affected by the mysticism of Eastern thought, he wrote many novels, stories, and essays that bear a vital spiritual force that has captured the imagination and loyalty of many generations of readers. New to eBooks.

Hermann Hesse

Would you like to download another books and editions written by Hermann Hesse: Steppenwolf , Penguin, in assocation with Secker and Warburg. His novel Steppenwolf, also appeared in and would later become a counterculture symbol in the 's. That version was translated by Basil Creighton.

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