Textbook Resources – Science. A wealth of online curriculum support for teachers and students using: Biology, Chemistry, Conceptual Physics, Drive Right. Exactly what I was looking for. I'm a paraprofessional and this is the book our high school uses in the classes I help in. The school has limited quantities of. Prentice-Hall Biology (): Kenneth R. Miller, I just downloadd this book for my own learning, not as part of a class, and I was very.

Biology Book Prentice Hall

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The Macaw Book Web Site. Texas Edition Web Site. Special Resource Pages: • Teaching from Controversy · • Teaching Evolution · • Teaching about Stem Cells. Prentice Hall Textbooks. Biology. Prentice Hall Biology (California). Biology: Reading and Study Workbook A. Biology. Biology: Reading and Study Workbook A. Get this from a library! Prentice Hall biology. [Kenneth R Miller; Joseph S Levine].

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UNIT 1: The Science of Biology Active Art: The Nature of Science SciLinks: Experimenting SciLinks: Microscopes Self-Test Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life Active Art: Enzymes Science News: Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry SciLinks: Properties of Water SciLinks: The Biosphere Active Art: Exploring Ecology from Space SciLinks: Energy Pyramids SciLinks: Cycles of Matter Self-Test Chapter 4: Ecosystems and Communities Active Art: Earth's Biomes SciLinks: Climate and the Greenhouse Effect SciLinks: Biomes SciLinks: Aquatic Ecosystems Self-Test Chapter 5: Populations Active Art: Restoring the Gray Wolf SciLinks: Populations SciLinks: Population Growth Self-Test Chapter 6: Humans in the Biosphere Active Art: Fishery Resources Science News: Natural Resources and Pollution SciLinks: Sustainable Agriculture SciLinks: Biodiversity SciLinks: Cell Structure and Function Active Art: Cell Structure Active Art: Diffusion Active Art: Osmosis Active Art: Active Transport Activity: Animal Cell Structure Science News: Cells SciLinks: Cell Theory SciLinks: Cell Membranes Self-Test Chapter 8: Photosynthesis Active Art: Photosynthesis Activity: ADP vs.

ATP SciLinks: Calvin Cycle SciLinks: Photosynthesis Self-Test Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration Active Art: Should Creatine Supplements be Banned? Data Sharing: Making Kimchi SciLinks: Cellular Respiration SciLinks: Krebs Cycle Self-Test Chapter Cell Growth and Division Active Art: The Cell Cycle Data Sharing: Stem Cells: Peril and Prospects SciLinks: Cell Growth SciLinks: Cell Division SciLinks: Introduction to Genetics Active Art: Punnett Squares Active Art: Meiosis Science News: Genetics SciLinks: Punnett Squares SciLinks: Mendelian Genetics SciLinks: Meiosis Self-Test Chapter Protein Synthesis Science News: DNA SciLinks: Protein Synthesis Self-Test Chapter Genetic Engineering Active Art: Genetically-Modified Foods SciLinks: Genetic Engineering Self-Test Chapter The Human Genome Active Art: Who Controls your DNA?

Human Genome Project SciLinks: Darwin's Theory of Evolution Active Art: Artificial Selection Science News: Evolution SciLinks: Darwin SciLinks: Natural Selection Self-Test Chapter Evolution of Populations Active Art: Antibiotics in Animal Feed. Are they Dangerous? Population Genetics SciLinks: Speciation Self-Test Chapter The History of Life Active Art: Fossil Formation SciLinks: Fossil Record SciLinks: Eukaryotic Cells SciLinks: Extinction Self-Test Chapter Classification Active Art: Along with the clearly articulated text, the concept of RNA interference is no longer accessible to only a few.

All students can now better understand cell differentiation. A useful feature of the Miller and Levine Biology program is the framework that is used to design curriculum. The goal of this framework is to create deep connections to the concepts allowing knowledge to be transferrable.

It is flexible and allows multiple avenues for teachers to specialize or differentiate instruction. Using the online resources, rich with interactive study tools, videos, lesson overviews, and assessments, differentiated instruction is only a mouse click away.

As a teacher, I can assign each student different activities to complete either in class or on their own time. These assignments may be graded or not, depending on my preference.

Each chapter video is creative and interesting as evidenced by the discussion questions it stimulates from students. All teacher resources are available on DVD, so if Internet access is limited or non-existent, the book and provided editable review sheets and labs will lead students through a comprehensive study of each chapter.

The ExamView assessment suite that accompanies the textbook has an extensive bank of test questions that are correlated with state and national standards and a management program to allow the teacher to generate and publish exams specific to each class. The analysis of such tests gives teachers immediate feedback on items such as individual student achievement, group achievement, and item remediation.

Quality, objective-based tests can be generated quickly and any re-teaching can begin immediately.

Ultimately, I chose this textbook because I felt the science was sound and the presentation was student friendly. The online resources were icing on the cake, and very delicious icing at that!

Thank you Ken Miller and Joe Levine for putting your time and effort into creating such a high-quality biology program. Personally, I would like to thank Ken Miller, Joe Levine, and Niles Eldredge for helping to defend quality science education in a small rural school in the Adirondacks.Bottom of spine shows shelving wear School name stamped in book twice Lamarck vs.

Plant Anatomy SciLinks: Ultimately, I chose this textbook because I felt the science was sound and the presentation was student friendly. Lytic Cycle Self-Test Chapter Lesson 4 - Cancer at the Level of the Genome.

Animal Cell Structure Science News: Lesson 5 - Funguslike Protists:

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