2. ABOUT THIS E-TEXT. The Project Gutenberg Etext Fairy Tales, by the Grimm Brothers Converted to pdf and ps by Carlos Campani, [email protected] Free PDF, epub, site ebook. Fully illustrated. A lovely collection of 50 stories from the Brothers Grimm, including; The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids; The. Grimm Fairy Tales fairy story. There was once upon a time a king who had a wife with golden hair, and she was so beautiful that her equal was not to be found.

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Over the past forty years or so I had often wondered why nobody had ever translated the first edition of the Grimms' Kinder- und Haus- märchen (/15) into. Free ebooks for Grimm Brothers. Fairy Tales [pdf] [prc]. Household Tales [pdf] [ prc]. We offer the Grimm Brothers' work here for free download in pdf and prc. Grimm Brother Fairytales formatted by Fijihosting page 1. Grimm Brothers Fairytales. Table of Contents. THE WOLF AND THE SEVEN KIDS.

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The facts that came with the book were small more than a providing of information on the brothers themselves and could have been just kept in paragraph format instead of broken into one-liners. Sadly in my case I had been hoping the facts would have been about the stories, the possible changes they had gone through or some such items.

As such it was yet another disappointment to me. Otherwise the selection of stories are quite varied so that well-known stories are combined with those that are lesser known.

Still for those who just want the classic fairy tales, though, most of them can be found upfront while others have been sprinkled throughout the book. And as for the illustrations they have been taken from various sources.

As a result the reader will more than likely recognize a few even though they are in black and white. The format was quite decent and the font wasn't quite too small.

In the end the book was more of a disappointment to me and not worth my time. To others it can be a pleasantly disturbibng read but there are better options out there for those who are seeking the true originals.

Yes, some of them were dark and not what Disney told me but a lot were the same story over and over again. Not impressed.

The next day when she had seated herself at table with the King and all the courtiers, and was eating from her little golden plate, something came creeping splish splash, splish splash, up the marble staircase, and when it had got to the top, it knocked at the door and cried, "Princess, youngest princess, open the door for me. Then she slammed the door to, in great haste, sat down to dinner again, and was quite frightened.

The King saw plainly that her heart was beating violently, and said, "My child, what art thou so afraid of? Is there perchance a giant outside who wants to carry thee away? And because I cried so, the frog brought it out again for me, and because he so insisted, I promised him he should be my companion, but I never thought he would be able to come out of his water!

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And now he is outside there, and wants to come in to me. Open the door for me!

Dost thou not know what thou saidst to me Yesterday by the cool waters of the fountain? Princess, youngest princess! Go and let him in.

There he sat and cried, "Lift me up beside thee. When the frog was once on the chair he wanted to be on the table, and when he was on the table he said, "Now, push thy little golden plate nearer to me that we may eat together.Master Pfriem The Stolen Farthings The Spirit in the Bottle The Star Money The Wise Servant An Internet search engine showed about thousand German hits containing this quote.

The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean May 10, Minutes Middle Grade 10 and up download. A very common tendency is to logicalize the text, i. Although some of them still had some dark elements there were quite a few that were still the clean-up versions of the original and two that were just variations of stories told previously.

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