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Relates the fortunes of a shipwrecked family as they imaginatively adapt to life on an island abundantly inhabited by animal and plant life. The Swiss Family RobinsoneBookCover:Layout 1 12/9/07 PM Page 1 3 SADDLEBACK DOWNLOAD PDF The Swiss Family Robinson:Layout 1 12/7 /. PDF version of The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss. Apple, Android To read the whole book, please download the full eBook PDF. If a preview.

Judging from the number of chapters and their length, this is probably based on the German edition of , since the edition of has fewer, but much longer chapters. Naturally enough, personal names were adapted, but only minimally with Ernst and Franz, who became Ernest and Francis, while Fritz and Jack Jakob retained their German forms.

It was, of course, a source of future confusions with later publishers that the book was written by J. Wyss and edited by J. Wyss, so the book may on occasion be attributed to a non-existent J. What matters here is the story, and that can be manipulated, abridged or amplified, and details can be changed without any consultation with the author.

Indeed, they will be completely unaware of the multiplicity of forms in which the story has circulated. How many will have any idea that in Mary Godolphin produced a version in words of one syllable? She did this also for Robinson Crusoe. By the time of the thirteenth edition it was being published by the combined firms of Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

These included not simply modifications of the well-known version, but also new translations based on material that had not been available to Godwin. A full German text had been available from , but new versions in French also played an important role.

There may have been an earlier edition. It is more concerned with adventure than with further discoveries in natural history.

It focusses first of all on an accident that befalls the mother and on the devotion that the sons display towards her. Later, mother and Francis disappear, but are eventually discovered in the care of missionaries and a tribe of savages. This version concludes with the arrival of a ship commanded by Captain Krusenstern and with the Zurich astronomer Horner on board. Ernest, the most passionate scientist among the four sons, departs with the ship, anxious to make observations concerned with the transit of Venus.

The rest of the family remain in contentment on the island. The leader of the missionary team is called Willis, and he provided the focus for a continuation of the story by Adrien Paul called Le Pilote Willis , of which an English translation was published in by C. The shipwreck takes place between Le Havre and Philadelphia round about lat. The translation is stated to be unabridged. The book is copiously illustrated with black and white engravings.

It is clear from remarks of this kind that people in the latter half of the nineteenth century were aware that moral positions occupied at the beginning of the century were not necessarily their own and that aspects of the text needed to be altered accordingly. The basic thrust of the book, however, still remained relevant and attractive.

The German text was adapted by J. The pastor father is given the name Vetli, while the boys differ from their originals in that Ernest is the oldest at 16, Fritz is 14, Jack 8 and Franz 6. This links up with the end of the book, when Jack is abducted by savages and then rescued by the help of an Italian called Auferi, who had been shipwrecked twelve years previously and had become the chief of a native tribe.

Many of the natives are killed in the rescue process. Later, a ship called the Maritana arrives and takes Ernest and Jack to Europe, though four years later Ernest returns to the island with a wife.

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Black, Unsurprisingly or should it be surprisingly? Just which edition it comes from is difficult to ascertain. This is an apt illustration of the problems that the bibliography of The Swiss Family Robinson involves. Many editions cannot easily be located in public collections, so it often proves impossible to find the information needed in order to establish the full derivation of a particular text. Editions of The Swiss Family Robinson exemplifying all these problems have continued to be published throughout the twentieth century, but they are outside the purview of this study.

Zoom in Original jpeg, k The Swiss Family Robinson [by ]. The donkey and the boa constrictor. For us of more than a century later, it requires a considerable effort of the historical imagination to understand just why The Swiss Family Robinson was so popular. Persistently pious, indigestibly didactic, it should logically have died long ago. Has there ever been a more blatant example than The Swiss Family Robinson?

But the facts, the discoveries of the abundant resources and variety of the natural world, are integral to the book. The science and geography lessons that it contains are of its essence. Certainly, the religious and moralizing passages were subject to abbreviation or omission as, with the passage of time, they no longer corresponded to the views of the new era. They are skilfully differentiated.

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This variety allows for a multiplicity of exploits to suit their ages. What child could resist the idea of living in a large house up a tree? For modern sensibilities, they are worryingly trigger-happy. Their colonization of the island involves a conquest of nature; their relationship is one of opposition and exploitation. Is it any wonder that father and mother elect to stay there when The Unicorn provides an opportunity to return to Europe?


The island is a romance-free zone, so Fritz has to leave it when the possibility of such a relationship with Jenny Emily Montrose arises. In addition, much time and effort has been spent to ensure that these high-interest stories retain all of the excitement, intrigue, and adventure of the original books.

One way is by reading the words a character says. Another way is by looking at the drawings of the character. The artist can tell you what kind of person a character is and what he or she is thinking or feeling.

This series will help you to develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment as you finish each novel.

And remember, fun motivates! You will learn how to: It provides the key to all kinds of information. To maximize your use of the learning activities provided, we suggest that you follow these steps: We suggest that you listen to the read-along. At this time, please ignore the beeps. You will enjoy this wonderfully dramatized presentation. Pre-reading Activities. After listening to the audio presentation, the pre-reading activities in the Activity Book prepare you for reading the story by setting the scene, introducing more difficult vocabulary words, and providing some short exercises.

Reading Activities. Read-along while listening to the audio presentation. This time pay attention to the beeps, as they indicate when each page should be turned. Post-reading Activities. You have successfully read the story and listened to the audio presentation.

Now answer the multiple-choice questions and other activities in the Activity Book. The possibilities of making much more of a good thing inspired de Montolieu to continue the story in five additional volumes, published between and In , this continuation was translated into English by J.

Clinton Locke, and, combined with a somewhat modified version of the Godwin translation, first published in as the "Sixth Edition," remained in print throughout the century.

Yet another sequel was provided in Le Pilote Willis, by Adrien Paul, translated as Willis the Pilot by , which continued the adventures of the two sons who left the island at the end of Montolieu's version but who took almost as long as Ulysses before reaching home.

By mid-century, moreover, revisionists were already at work, reducing the bulk of the expanded text or inserting "improvements " of their own. At least three major new translations had been made by the end of the century by editors who took considerable liberties with the story also, either reducing or expanding the pious and moralizing elements or introducing new adventures while cutting out old. This continuing process, by means of which editors and translators felt free to tinker with the story, taking their cue from the Baroness deThe pastor father is given the name Vetli, while the boys differ from their originals in that Ernest is the oldest at 16, Fritz is 14, Jack 8 and Franz 6.

He also observes that they are furnished with more copper-plates than the German edition, but that they all lack scientific illustrations, which actually would be the most useful.

The booby is a kind of gannet, but it is hardly more plausible than a penguin.

The Swiss Family Robinson; or, Adventures on a Desert Island by Johann David Wyss

By the time of the thirteenth edition it was being published by the combined firms of Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. One early example is the agouti, a native of South America and the West Indies, which most children will only have encountered through The Swiss Family Robinson. Wyss, so the book may on occasion be attributed to a non-existent J. Adam Johann von Krusenstern was an admiral in Russian service and undertook the first Russian voyage round the world in Contributor New York Public Library.

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