2. Cambridge English for Marketing Cambridge University Press http:// Marketing mix . These are "selected'' or. "built in'' from the basic forms. I call the basic drawings “ Blooks,'' after myself. PART Cambridge English for Marketing Teacher's. Anna Blanche Meat-Eating Orchid. Cambridge English for HR Teacher Book. Uploaded by. smokva market_leader_business_english_Human Resources. pdf.

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Cambridge - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Collins English for Business Speaking - JPR Uploaded . Cambridge English for Marketing is for intermediate to upper-intermediate level learners of English who need to use English in a marketing environment. Information on this title: . Professional English in Use Marketing presents the vocabulary and expressions required.

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Cookies Policy In order to improve our web services, we place third party and our own cookies on your computer. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the text, and then match each speech bubble with one of the Ps. Look at A opposite to help you.

We really believe in our brand. It will stop using 1 techniques, such as mailings and events. In addition, Marie Curie Cancer Care is expanding its online shop.

Look at A and B opposite to help you. What are the differences in the marketing mix for the two brands? The Ps, Cs, As and Os can be combined when looking at the marketing mix. Units 10— Cost to user Affordability Objectives Does the customer perceive Does the customer have Revenue objectives concern the cost of the product as enough money to download the income you want to Price fair, or is it too expensive? Price objectives concern the price you want to sell at.

Is it easy, or access?

Cambridge English for Marketing

Communication Awareness Operations Promotion How should you How many people know Which kind of promotional communicate with your about, or are aware of, operations, such as direct customers?

See Units 32—43 Note: Customer or client? See Appendix I on page Customers become aware of a product and know it is available. Interest Then, marketing must create an interest in the product.

Customers will develop an interest in the product.

Desire Next, marketing must develop a desire to own or have the product so that customers actively want the product. Action Finally, marketing must prompt action to download, so that customers take steps to download the product — for example, by going to the shop or ordering it online. The supermarket has 2 health as an important customer concern and is working to 3 the needs of its customers. Hundreds of 4 operations for healthy products will run all over the store, from fresh produce through to grocery and healthcare lines.

Tesco hopes that 5 of its initiative will be high. Look at B opposite to help you. Over to you Think about the most recent product you bought.

Describe the marketing mix using the 4Cs, the 4As or the 4Os. This identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a product, service or company, and the opportunities and threats facing it. Strengths and weaknesses refer to the product itself and are considered as internal factors.

The external factors, referring to the marketplace, are opportunities and threats.

Consumers see us as a quality brand. Consumer loyalty is weak. Highly recognizable brand. A global brand. Emerging trend towards hybrid cars and Huge potential for growth — there electric cars. The strategy was shaped by the SWOT analysis above. We need to anticipate the threat of new hybrid cars and seize the new opportunities this will bring in terms of providing service points for these cars.

The potential price war in the fuel market poses a serious threat and we will need to minimize the weaknesses this may create. Do they describe strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats? There are now a lot of sites that offer the same service and product categories as site.

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site is a global brand but in some local markets the main competitor could be stronger and preferred by consumers. For example, offering automobiles may be confusing for customers. Due to increased competition, the offer is undifferentiated. There is huge potential here. In site launched a new loyalty programme, sitePrime, which should maximize downloads from the existing client base. It has built on early successes with books, and now has product categories that include jewellery, toys and games, food and more.

It has an innovative Customer Relationship Management programme. Then complete the sentences below using words from the table. Verb Noun Adjective opportune strengthen threaten weaken 1 Currently, the company is under from its main competitors.

Over to you Think about the company you work for, or one you would like to work for. Carry out a SWOT analysis of the company. Do the same for a company you would never want to work for. The strategy includes a discussion of target markets, product and pricing policies, and proposed marketing and promotional initiatives see Units 1—2 for more about the marketing mix. Analysis Current market Information on the competitors and the marketplace. You will also need to analysis include information on their positioning — how they control the way the customers see the products or services.

Target market Your customer groups or segments — for example, teenagers or business people see Unit Objectives Marketing goals What you want to achieve, in terms of image and sales. Measurable — Quantify your objectives. Achievable — Are you attempting too much? Realistic — Do you have the resources to make the objective happen manpower, money, machines, materials, minutes?

Timed — When will you achieve the objective? Within a month? By February ? Strategies The approach Which market segment? Tactics Convert your Product strategy into the Price marketing mix, Place including the 4 Ps Promotion Control Tracking How the success of the marketing plan will be measured see Unit How each marketing activity will be assessed. A summary of the marketing plan, known as the executive summary, is included at the beginning of the document.

For a list of questions to ask when preparing a marketing plan, see Appendix II on page Look at the page opposite and Appendix II on page to help you. Choose a title from the box for each image. Answer the questions from Appendix II on page in relation to this product or service. Encouraging smokers to stop smoking or persuading people to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables are examples. The aim of social marketing is to minimize social problems such as crime or poverty.

There are different ways for a company to show corporate social responsibility CSR. The brand is then associated with the charity. Today most of this funding comes from private individuals. We are looking for a corporate partner that shares our principles and values.

Green marketing is the development and distribution of eco-friendly, or environmentally friendly, goods — for example, washing powder that is not harmful to the environment. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Responsible citizens are aware of environmental concerns such as global warming, and act to protect the environment.

Responsible downloading is another way that a company can build or maintain a good reputation. Companies can refuse to download materials or goods made using child labour or that have been tested on animals.

As well as showing concern for human rights and animal testing, a company can implement a policy of sustainable downloading and only download products that come from renewable sources. Two words can be used twice. Look at A and donate money B opposite to help you. Then decide whether the companies are involved in CRM, green marketing or social marketing. We will promote the do more exercise. We are Environment committed to being 5 Instead of making its pens from plastic, Goodkind Pen Company uses wood scraps from local furniture responsible.

By carefully designing its product to be eco- 8 and of high quality, it is mutually 9 for the environment and the consumer. Goodkind has made a product with a super-green profile and, in the process, enjoys a high level of satisfaction from environmentally conscious consumers and companies with a responsible 10 policy. Goodkind embraces environmental Put a stress mark in front of the stressed syllable in each word.

Noun Adjective Adverb en'vironment responsibly society socially sustainably Over to you Think about the brands you download. How does ethical marketing influence your downloading decisions?

Training and development play a key role in the service sector. Consumer programmes on TV and consumer magazines that people read have a powerful effect on the marketplace.

Good relations with suppliers will make business easier. The relationship between the company and these factors is indirect. Special diets in some areas.

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Leisure activities: Watching TV, cooking, socializing. Gender roles: Now that younger men shop as much as women, we need to target both sexes equally. Birth rates: Birth rates are continuing to decline, with fewer babies born every year. Average life expectancy: This is increasing so we should think about products for older customers.

Attitudes to foreign products: Consumers like to experiment with foreign food and drink. Opinions on environmental issues: We should use only recyclable packaging and hybrid-fuel delivery vans. Offer: We now offer a new service — ordering by mobile phone. Distribution: Online ordering has changed the way supermarkets operate. We no longer need actual shops. Communication with consumers: Broadband internet connections make it possible to include more product photos on our site.

We could even think about adding video. Consumers feel relaxed about the political situation and ready to use consumer credit. International trade agreements: We can import products from the EU without paying extra import duties. Micro Macro 1 High unemployment in a region reduces spending on leisure activities.

France is a member of the European Union and as such has trade 1 with the other members. It has one of the worst unemployment 2 in Europe and the government is keen to bring this down.Within a month?

How Competitions are Conducted. Special diets in some areas. France has one of the highest 3 rates in Europe 1. This includes the quality how good it is , branding see Units 16—18 , and reputation the opinion the consumers have of the product.

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Measurable — Quantify your objectives. Healthy Lifestyle. The course requires no specialist knowledge on the part of the teacher and comprehensive teacher's notes are available online. Enforcement of the act — that is, making sure the act is respected — is the job of the trading standards officer. If not, you may contact us at ourTenerife Examinations Centre ES directly by telephone 27 12 55 during office hours or by sending an email to cambridgetfe gmail.

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