call for you. Here's vehicle-specific instruction for transferring your phonebook to SYNC. Your vehicle must be in Park and running, not in Accessory mode. My Ford SYNC C-Max will only download select entries from the phone book. It is a FORD issue, they need to fix it or push a fix down. Click on the ”i “ for your car and in the next setting turn on “Sync Contacts“ and other options if Under Groups, All Contacts was not enabled.

Phone Book Will Not Sync

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Functionality of the phone has been successful but the contacts in my contacts and it worked so phone book has now synced with the car!. Hey guys, I just got my OP2 three days ago and have had some issues syncing my phone book to my car. I just downloadd a GMC Terrain. Chrysler developed Uconnect to sync their vehicles with your mobile device so you can reach any of your "Phonebook Download" is a Uconnect option to download up to. You won't be able to access the setup menu unless you're in Park.

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Warning: Remember to turn the Prius off, from Accessory mode, after you finish syncing the contact list or your vehicle's battery might become drained. Step 2: Enable Bluetooth in your phone. Step 3: Connect to the Prius.

The Prius should automatically detect and connect to your phone. Tip: If it does not automatically connect, open the Device menu and look for your phone in the list of available Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Tap the "Connect" button to begin setup. Part 2 of 6: Open the Information Center of your Prius Once you have connected your cellphone to your Prius, pull up your device information to prepare for the transfer of your contact list. You can do this through the Information Center in your Prius. Step 1: Access the Information Center.

Tap the "Information" option to enter the Information Center. The Information option is usually located in the top left corner of most menu screens. Press it to enter the Information Center.

Bluetooth Not Working with your Car? – FIXES FOR Apple & Android!

Step 2: Find the Telephone button. On the Information screen, tap the "Telephone" option to view the telephone settings. Part 3 of 6: Access the Telephone Settings On the telephone Settings screen, you can start transferring the contacts from your cellphone to your Prius. You can enter the contacts individually or all at once.

Step 1: Access the settings menu. Press the "Settings" option.

Step 2: Access the phonebook settings of your Prius. Once the settings are displayed, tap the "Phone Book" icon to pull up options for adding contacts to your Prius' phone book. Step 1: Find the Transfer Phone Data options. Scroll down to the Transfer Phone Data option in the Settings menu.

Step 2: Start transfer. Press the "Start Transfer" button. Step 3: Add or overwrite data.

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Are you an Android or Apple user? Try these tips before you tear your hair out!

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First, you may want to review how to pair with your car! Some of the most frequent customer feedback we hear concerns syncing Android contacts.

While the phone itself pairs, the user cannot access contacts. No names or numbers…or numbers but no names.

What gives? Phone pairs perfectly, yet contacts and numbers cannot be accessed.

Is your phone already paired? No need to worry! Simply delete the vehicle from the list of paired devices on your phone, delete the phone from your list of paired devices in your vehicle and RE-PAIR your phone!

Unlike Apple products, many Android devices will prompt a request for various accesses once pairing is complete. Like Android users, many Apple users also voice concerns that their vehicle cannot access their contacts!Familiarize yourself with the controls in your vehicle.

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How do I sync my phonebook?

I have no idea why this could be. Levels Member levels indicate a user's level of participation in a forum. Make sure your car is turned on in the ON position or in Accessory mode.

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